For over 100 years, Fischbein International has been the leader in sewing and sealing systems by delivering highly engineered, robust and dependable solutions. Fischbein designs and manufactures bag packaging equipment and complete systems under the Fischbein and Saxon product brands. Serving customers worldwide in agriculture, animal feed, seed, pet food, chemical, mineral, milling, and food industries. Fischbein equipment is sold and serviced in our Middle East partner Eastern Msar services centers.


Fischbein, world leader of open mouth bag closing machines, manufactures a large range of machines corresponding to the needs of a many customers. The pieces of equipment for the closing of open mouth bags are divided within the following ranges: sewing, sealing, gluing and combined means for manual, semi- and automatic processes. To complete the bagging lines, Fischbein developed other solutions like bag presenters, bag top formers (with bag stop or moving along), tag dispenser, conveyors… Moreover, Fischbein provides its customers with a wide range of consumables: from spare parts, industrial sewing thread and crepe paper.


The Fischbein brand features the most complete range of innovative bag  sewing equipment ,from hand-held portables to high-speed bag sewing systems .fischbein sewing equeuipment is the most  efficint,most dependable machinery for closing all types of filled bags 

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Fischbein and Saxon bag sealing machines have a compact design and innovative features that include safe low voltage control panels, over-temp shutdown sensors, variable speed drives , bag jam detection and high efficiency heaters 

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Automated Systems

Fischbein offers variety of semi and automated bagging system to handle your specific bagging needs 

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Fischbein also provides a wide variety of accessories including bag-top folders ,thread, bag coders , tape break detectors and sealing accessories .

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Through the recent partnership with VOTECH, FISCHBEIN enhances its ability to offer fully automatic Dosing, Bagging and Palletizing lines, as well as Pallet Wrapping and Stretch-Hooders. The Votech brand is known for providing high-precision and hygienic solutions in the food and powder sectors such as Milk powder, Pet Food, Animal Feeds, Food Flavours, Flour Milling, Fertilizers, Wood pellets, Horticulture, and associated products.